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Apple Macbook Pro Linux Issue Tracking

The table below contains a hopefully up to date list of issues with running Linux on a new Apple MacBook Pro Retina, aka MacBook Pro 11,5, aka MacBook Pro Mid 2015. I have an 11,5 machine, but some of these also affect other 2015 models like the 12,1.

If you are running Linux on one of these MacBooks, you are welcome to join a mailing list that a few of us setup to discuss issues and fixes as we learn them.

One unsolicited word of advice: if you're buying a new MacBook to run Linux, do yourself a favor and buy one with only the Intel video card. It is a less complicated machine and will save you troubles and battery life.

Category Status Links Description
Bluetooth Fixed - Kernels 4.4-rc1+ Commit Bluetooth controller not completely recognized. Some devices paired under OSX may continue working. Workaround: Apply this patch, which was committed to the bluetooth-next repository on 20 Oct 2015, and later committed to linux-stable for 4.4-rc1.
Thunderbolt Fixed - Kernels 4.3-rc3+ Bug 100191, Commit Hotplugging of thunderbolt 2 dongles does not work. Thunderbolt display adapters may still not work after this fix.
Trackpad Fixed - Kernels 4.2+ Bug 86771 Trackpad does not work (without this patch and this patch).
Wireless Fixed - Kernels 4.2.1+ Bug 103201 60 second delay post-boot before wireless adapter is available. May have been a problem on Arch or debug-enabled kernels only.
Wireless Fixed Bug 100201, Firmware Fix Cannot access 5Ghz wireless networks and MAC addresses are incorrectly assigned resulting in every Macbook having the same MAC address. This firmware image fixes the issues.
Display Backlight Workaround Bug 105051 Radeon or apple_gmux driver sets incorrect max_brightness value breaking GNOME backlight control. Workaround: Reverting this commit fixes the issue.
Display Corruption Workaround freedesktop.org Bug 98897 Video corruption and flickering started in kernels 4.8.6. Workaround: Applying this patch fixes the issue.
Power Management Workaround Bug 101681 Unable to suspend or wake the machine. This one really is a pain... Workaround: Apply this patch makes suspend and resume work! Very exciting.
Power Management Workaround Bug 103211 Unable to poweroff the machine. Workaround: Apply this patch makes power-off work correctly.
Webcam Workaround patjak/bcwc_pcie PCIE-based Facetime webcam from Broadcom does not work. Workaround: The driver is reportedly working now. Check the Getting Started page on their wiki for details.
Wireless Unfixed Bug 100201 Broadcom wireless related crashes, freezes. This does not affect all users; I do not see this issue.
Wireless Unfixed wireless.wiki.kernel.org Broadcom wireless brcmfmac driver does not support promiscuous mode/monitor mode. Attempting drops all traffic.

This issue is something that I'm watching, but may only interest you if you are interested in TAILS.

Category Status Link Description
Wireless Unfixed Feature 7798 TAILS does not (and will not?) include Broadcom driver binary blobs.

Please let me know if you have updates to these lists or issues you think should be added.

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