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Secure Communications Framework

Secure Communications Framework Overview

The Secure Communications Framework (SCF) is a model that helps human rights researchers, activists and other security-concerned individuals determine a set of safer tools and practices based on their situation and work. It is specifically designed for security non-experts and focuses on utilizing what an individual knows:

  • What could happen if their work or information is disclosed

  • The individuals or organizations that would like to learn about or stop their work

SCF was built with the following guiding principals in mind:

  • Be simple and approachable for non-security experts

  • Rely on items the user already knows, namely their work and adversaries

  • Security tools and threats will always be changing

  • Focus on answering the majority of questions for the majority of users

Going Started, Getting Involved!

Everything about SCF is open and can be modified as needed. Situations are different, and organizations are different. There is no such thing as a perfect solution, but there are good starts. SCF as a project is a success if it can be that good start for a variety of people in a variety of settings.

SCF has been released into the community under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This means anyone can use or adapt it in any way they would like. Contributions towards the SCF community are encouraged and appreciated but are not required.


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