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Tor Hidden Service for teamsammut.com

I've quickly setup a Tor hidden service for this site. You can access that hidden service at http://nnw3xnazeli7ke4l.onion using Tor.

You might be saying to yourself "wait, aren't hidden services supposed to be, well, hidden, and you just told the world where this is?" There are several properties of hidden services in Tor including the ability to conceal the location of servers supporting websites. This is what people often think about when they think of hidden services. However, they also conceal from the website operator and everyone else the IP address of visitors accessing websites associated with hidden services.

And that is why I've set this up for https://teamsammut.com.

If YOU want to tell me that you're accessing and like or hate content I've put together, then go right ahead and shout at me on twitter or using the details on my contact page. I'd like to hear your thoughts. The point is though, that if you choose to access the site via the hidden service I cannot tell where you are. Not that I want to find out -- no offense -- but now you don't need to take my word for it. If you trust Tor, you don't have to trust me. You also don't have to trust our network providers, Tor exit node operators, the myriad of DNS servers, or anyone else.

Access the site via the hidden service or not. Tell everyone or no one about the site. But you decide.

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